Release 64 Notes: Thursday, December 8, 2011

What's New in Release 64?

Release 64 focuses on some more back-end improvements, infrastructure and bug fixing for better overall performance. As such, there are no major visible changes within the UI in this release. However, we do have something for all you developers out there!


For Developers

  • Mandatory User Filters
  • Adding users to your project with REST API
  • Some Insightful Blog posts from our Developer Portal


Mandatory User Filters

This new feature allows the project admin to define a set of filters that limit other users access to the project's data. This type of filtering definitely comes in handy when you'd like a certain user to be able to report only on data from certain region or company department.  Learn how to get started by checking out Mandatory User Filters blog post.


Here's a sample report showing some departmental figures before the Mandatory User Filter is applied.



After a few API calls, the filter will be created and the report will display the relevant data to the corresponding user.



Adding users to your project with REST API

Need to add new users to your project? Not familiar with the GoodData CL Tool? Well, now you can add users to your project using REST API. Learn more about this cool feature by checking out this blog post:



Checkout these other cool blog posts!

Time over time comparison

Create time over time comparison reports to have a better overview of your company’s performance. Learn more on how to create these types of reports here.



How to create and use COUNT metrics

Do you want to start creating some effective reports? Then you’ll need to know how to create metrics. Start creating COUNT metrics for your reports by following this link:



Enjoy Release 64 and please stay tuned for more awesome releases coming soon!









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