Release 57 Notes: Sunday, July 31, 2011

What's New in Release 57?

This release contains many back-end optimizations as well as preparation for future features and apps. On the front-end, we have a couple enhancements:

  • Embedding of GoodData dashboards into Salesforce as APEX controls
  • Addition of "NOT IN" for filtered variables

Embedding GoodData dashboards into Salesforce as APEX controls

In the last release, we added code to allow you to embed individual reports into Salesforce pages as APEX controls. In this release, we now show Visualforce code for embedding entire dashboards as an APEX control into Salesforce pages. Now you can embed dashboards wherever you see fit in Salesforce, not just as an embedded tab!


Addition of "ISN'T" for filtered variables

Many of you have asked us about including an "ISN'T" option when selecting variable values (ie, Month ISN'T January) as opposed to only having "IS" and needing to selecting each attribute individually. In this release, we have added support for ISN'T when assigning variable values to individual users.


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