Releases 55 + 56 Notes: Monday, July 18, 2011

What's New in Releases 55 and 56?

We put two releases into this one, so that means double the awesome features! Have a look at what we have in store for you:

  • New App: Introducing Twilio Analytics
  • Dashboard attribute filters -- now not only dates!
  • Embedded Dashboard enhancements
  • New keyboard shortcuts
  • Time of last upload for all Apps
  • Export support for [=Null] custom metric formatting
  • Salesforce APEX controls for embedding individual reports
  • Embedded Report/Dashboard filtering via URL parameters
  • Add User to Project API

Twilio Analytics

For Twilio users, now you can track all of your cloud communications (calls and messages) with Twilio Analytics!




Dashboard Attribute Filters

Now dashboard filters aren't limited to just dates (as we released in Release 54) -- you can now add any attribute filter directly onto your dashboard, with no more manual creation of individual filters in each report.



Embedded Dashboard enhancements

Now, embedded dashboards containing only one tab will not display the tab name in the embedded dashboard. Thanks to our users who brought this up with us... this is for you! :-)  Look, no tabs:


New Keyboard Shortcuts

Check this out... now we have enabled a bunch of keyboard shortcuts to help make navigating in the application much easier. Just hit the question mark (?) for a display of all the great shortcuts now at your disposal, like go immediately to a dashboard, or create a report.

Remember, just press the question mark (?) to display the shortcut menu.


Time of Last Upload for All Apps

We've added a small enhancement to the Data Sources page in all GoodData apps that show the last time data was loaded from the application data source. No more guessing if you are seeing the latest data or not!





Export Support for [=Null] Custom Metric Formatting

In Release 54, we allowed you to create a custom appearance for all NULL values in your reports. Rather than just see them as empty boxes, we extended the metric formatting feature to allow you do something with these cells, like change color, or display a zero instead. In this release, these changes are now carried over into PDF and XLS exports.


Salesforce APEX Controls for Embedding Individual Reports

In this release, we now allow the ability to embed individual reports into Salesforce using the APEX controls. Dashboards already have this ability, and this has been extended to individual reports so you can really custom tailor your Salesforce views with individual reports from your project.




Embedded Report/Dashboard Filtering via URL Parameters

These last two features go out to the developers in the GoodData community... these features come from your feedback, and we're happy to be able to provide them to you!

Now you can add a filter to an embedded report or dashboard with a simple change in the embed URL. This initial version is a bit techie, and we are already planning on making this easier in a future release. 

To see how this is done, please visit our developer blog post Filtering Embedded Reports & Dashboards via HTTP Parameters.


Add User to Project API

Now all of you using our GoodData CL tool to create your projects can use our user provisioning API to automatically add users into your projects without sending project invitations. 

For instructions on setting this up for your project, please see our developer blog post New User APIs.




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