Release 54 Notes: Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's New in Release 54?

We're very happy to bring some big features in this new release. The great new features in this release are:

  • Dashboard Date Filters !!!
  • GoodData for SugarCRM app
  • Allow Conditional formatting of NULL values in reports
  • "Sticky" column widths on dashboard table reports (adjust a column width, and it will be saved)
  • Ability to create cross-project dashboards
  • New User Provisioning API


Dashboard Date Filters

This feature allows you to create a date-based filter on your dashboards allowing viewers to adjust the selected time frame for reports, and see all dashboard reports re-computed to this new timeframe. Before, it would have been necessary to adjust each report manually.




GoodData for SugarCRM App

Starting today, you will be able to create a GoodData Sales Analytics project from your SugarCRM data with just a few clicks! Our new app includes a easy to setup connector to pull your Sugar data and a default template with great out-of-the-box dashboards to instantly help you measure your sales performance. Watch for updates soon in our GoodData for SugarCRM forum!




Allow Conditional Formatting of NULL Values in Reports

We've added a new tag to our metric formatting module that now allows you to format how NULL values appear in your reports. The [=Null] tag allows you set what should appear when the application encounters a NULL value. In the past, these cells were always left blank. Now, you can use the [=Null] tag in conjunction with the other metric formatting tags to define how this should look.


null.jpg           results.jpg



"Sticky" Column Widths on Dashboard Table Reports

Now, you can adjust the widths of columns on your dashboard table reports and the application will remember the latest setting. So... no more re-adjusting over and over again!




Ability to Create Cross-Project Dashboards

 In Release 51, we added the ability to add any Web content onto your dashboards. However, we didn't allow embedding of any content that lived on . This restriction has now been lifted, so it is now possible to embed reports from different projects onto one dashboard! If you haven't seen this feature yet, check out the Release 51 video showing this feature in action!


New User Provisioning API

The User Provisioning API allows automated registration of new GoodData users. The API requires special permissions that can be requested via e-mail or phone to GoodData support. Authorized GoodData users can add new users without e-mail confirmation. The is also available via the CreateUser command in the CL tool. We will soon add an API that allows adding and removing users to/from projects.


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