Release 51 Notes: Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What's New in Release 51?

In Release 51, you can now add almost any Web content into your dashboards! In addition to your reports, you can add logos, custom images, embedded videos, or full web pages! See the short video below:

GoodData Release 51 Notes: May 4, 2011 from GoodData on Vimeo.




Dashboard with embedded logo and YouTube video


Other features:

  • New Data Deletion API has been introduced in the GoodData CL tool. Now it is possible to delete selected portions of data from your projects. More information about this can be found in the Developer Blog.
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  • Avatar
    Kathryn Powell

    Thanks for the great new features and the API capabilities.  These will be very useful!

  • Avatar
    Jamie Buck

    Man, you shouldn't give me shiny objects to play with or I'll never get anything done. Very cool update.

  • Avatar
    Michel Zetun

    This is really awsome... something I was missing since the first time I started playing with Gooddata. Great uptade.

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