Release 48 Notes: March 3, 2011

What's New in Release 48?

  • New GoodData for Zendesk template released! This new template takes advantage of twice the number of ticket fields than were available previously. Measure support performance with new fields such as Time to First Reply, Time to First Resolution, Number of Ticket Reopens and more. New support for Business Hours in Zendesk allows you to have customized business hour metrics for many of the new fields. New default out-of-the-box dashboards highlight some of the great analysis you can do with the new fields. On the backend, the new template uses a new data loading mechanism to drastically reduce sync times between GoodData and Zendesk!






For more information on the updated GoodData for Zendesk, please see this forum post.



Other notable features:

  • We're constantly working on new data connectors to connect to your favorite web applications. Please stay tuned for more news about this in the weeks to come!
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