Release 44 Notes: December 21, 2010

What's New in Release 44?

  • Headline Reports. Have you ever wanted to highlight one specific number, and had difficulty finding the right way to emphasize it? In this release we've introduced a new report type to address this need. Introducing Headline Reports! As the name implies, these one-number reports look great at the top of your dashboards to provide a high-level overview of the the more detailed reports below.



Other improvements:

  • Uniquely addressable dashboard tabs. All dashboard tabs will have their own unique URL, so you will be able to link directly to a specific tab, or even to a cross-project tab. 
  • Enhanced Variable Status. The Variable Status option used on dashboards are now enhanced to display values for variables nested within individual metrics. Previously, the Variable Status text box would show only variables defined as filters in reports.


We hope you enjoy the latest features, and we at GoodData wish you all a warm holiday season!

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