Release 42 Notes: November 11, 2010

What's New in Release 42?

  • Smarter default charting and no more extremely long tables. One thing we've heard a lot about is that switching to a chart often led to an extremely confusing default view which required a lot of modification. In this release, we've overhauled our "guessing" mechanism and the default view will more often than not match expectations. In addition, switching back to a table does not change the original table view of the data.
table1.jpg   chart1.jpg
A table like this...   Now immediately leads directly to this.


Other notable changes:

  • Numerous performance improvements, particularly around initial page loads and chart formatting.
  • Removal of report annotations. This rarely-used feature was causing a significant performance penalty and has been removed. Existing annotations remain visible in the report comments section.
  • Better support for Chrome and Safari browsers. Not full support yet, but we're getting closer!
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