Release 37 Notes: August 19, 2010

What's New in Release 37?


Release 37 Notes: Enhanced Dashboard Drilling from GoodData on Vimeo.


The big addition in Release 37 is enhanced drilling in your dashboard reports. Now, drilling down into a report displays results in a new window. From this drill window, you have the ability to continue drilling and even change chart types or view the results as a table. Please see the above video for a quick demonstration. In addition, the drill path followed will be highlighted with a series of links allowing you to go "back" as needed. No more need to reload the entire dashboard!


Other new features:

  • Dashboard usability improvements around tooltips, labels, and clearly labeling drill paths by showing values to be links when hovering over them
  • Continuing the dashboard performance story, you should see dashboards loading even faster with this new release.
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