Release 37 Notes: August 19, 2010

What's New in Release 37?


Release 37 Notes: Enhanced Dashboard Drilling from GoodData on Vimeo.


The big addition in Release 37 is enhanced drilling in your dashboard reports. Now, drilling down into a report displays results in a new window. From this drill window, you have the ability to continue drilling and even change chart types or view the results as a table. Please see the above video for a quick demonstration. In addition, the drill path followed will be highlighted with a series of links allowing you to go "back" as needed. No more need to reload the entire dashboard!


Other new features:

  • Dashboard usability improvements around tooltips, labels, and clearly labeling drill paths by showing values to be links when hovering over them
  • Continuing the dashboard performance story, you should see dashboards loading even faster with this new release.
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    Andrew Bartels

    Is this functionality in any way affected if the user has 'Dashboard' only permissions. Also how does it work inside a iFrame.

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    Ray Light

    Hi Andrew. This feature will still work inside the IFRAME, including for Dashboard Only users. However, drill paths are all defined by the report author, and are part of the report definition, and not subject to dashboard-only user interference. Additionally, if a dashboard-only user attempts to open a report in a new window, he/she will receive a page informing them that they have insufficient privileges.

    Hope this helps!

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