Release 36 Notes: July 29, 2010

What's New in Release 36?


  • Introduction of a new and improved Date dimension. Note that this new date dimension will not affect any existing date dimensions in any existing projects. Rather, any *new* mapping to the date dimension (essentially creating a new date dimension data set) will use the new and improved date dimension. An quick overview of some changes in the date dimension follows:
    • Date attribute: Six separate display labels for dates, including US (12/25/1999), EU (25/12/1999), ISO (1999-12-25) and more. This also means that dates contained in your data that have this form will be accepted with no additional transformation.
    • Weeks: support for US Weeks (Sun-Sat) and EU Weeks (Mon-Sun) 
    • New display labels for almost all date attributes for maximum control of how you want your reports to appear.
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