Release 35 Notes: July 16, 2010

GoodData Release 35 is scheduled for release on Friday, July 16, 2010. This release follows GoodData Release 33. (Release 34 was an internal release and changes are incorporated into Release 35.)


What's New in Release 35?

  • Part 2 of the "Dashboard-only" user role. In this release, we continue with additions to the "Dashbard-only" user role released in GoodData Release 33. Now, Dashboard-only users will not be allowed into the main project workbench, and access will truly be limited to the dashboard only.



  • Dashboard performance improvements. This release features a lot of "behind the scenes" optimizations to help increase performance of project dashboards. Users should immediately notice the improved dashboard loading times.



  • Additional bugfixes and backend optimization to lay the foundation for more new features coming soon!
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