Release 31 Notes: June 17, 2010

GoodData Release 31 is tentatively scheduled for release on Thursday, June 17, 2010. This release follows GoodData Release 29. (Release 30 was an internal release and changes are incorporated into Release 31.)


What's New in Release 31?


GoodData Release 31 Preview from GoodData on Vimeo.


  • Two new chart types. We've added two new chart types to give a wider choice of display options for visualizing your reports. In this release, we now support Donut and Funnel chart types.




  • Ability to export a report from the dashboard. Now you can export to PDF or XLS with one click directly from the dashboard.




  • New treatment of filters. In this release, filters will now be applied IN ORDER. This addresses problems related to drilling into reports and creating competing filters. Now, each successive filter applies to the results of the previous filter.



View a short video of how this change affects your reports.



  • New Marketing Analytics Demo launch! In this release, all GoodData accounts will now have access to our newest demo project: Marketing Analytics. Explore the marketing funnel, measure campaigns and ROI, and even analyze mashed up Google Analytics and internal product database data for a complete look at marketing activities.




  • New features in the Support Forums. Now you can "vote" or "like" individual forum posts, such as feature suggestions. In addition, it's much easier to see the status of your feature requests with now bright labels showing things as "Done" or "Planned".


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