Release 26 Notes: Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What's New in Release 26

GoodData Release 26 Notes from GoodData on Vimeo.


GoodData Release 26 is currently scheduled to be deployed on Tuesday, March 30. For those of you keeping track at home, Release 26 is a "combination" release which incorporates features from GoodData internal release 25. For this reason, the tracking version number for this release is 26.


Summary of New Features


  • Dashboard Dropdown Filters - Now you can apply a "global" filter to your dashboard from simple drop-down boxes at the top of the dashboard. These filters can potentially affect all reports contained on a given dashboard. Users can now drill in and out of the reports using the simple drop-downs.




  • Secondary Axis Ability Added to Charts - A long-awaited feature, release 26 introduces the ability to add a secondary axis to your charts. Now you will be able to plot two separate metrics side-by-side, each using a different scale. In addition, it is also possible to create new "mixed charts" by specifying the second group be displayed not only against a secondary axis, but also as a different chart type than the primary axis.




  • Ability to Switch Off Guided Navigation - Guided Navigation constantly scans your selections while creating reports in order to "gray out" or otherwise not display options which are not connected to the active choices. While this helps ensure all reports are computable, there is a sizable performance hit. Now admins have the option to toggle this feature on and off.




  • Rollups and Medians - Rollups provide the possibility to add a "smart" bottom line to your table reports. Rollups don't just perform a simple SUM or AVERAGE of the column numbers, but look into how the numbers are computed to perform the same calculation for the bottom line. For example, take column of averages (such as Average Amount or Average Price). Adding a bottom line to this column used to produce an "average of averages" which made little sense. With Rollups, you can now add a bottom line that computes a true average for the column of data. We also introduce Medians as a bottom line option in this release.



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