Release 23 Notes: Monday, February 15, 2010

What's New in Release 23

(Please note: Actual release date may differ from expected release date.)

With this upcoming release, GoodData helps make repetitive tasks much easier. Thanks to your continued feedback, we are constantly trying to make the tasks you perform easier within the application. The following improvements are included in GoodData Release 23:




  • Custom formatting in exported reports: Metric formatting now persists when exporting a report to PDF or Excel


(the original report inside GoodData)



(report with metric formatting as a PDF document)


  • Ability to create "floating time period" filters: Now it is possible to create floating period reports directly within the filter wizard. Floating time periods are defined relative to the current date (ie, "last 6 months" or "last quarter")



  • More information about dashboard reports: All reports in the dashboard now have an "information" icon next to the report title. Mousing over this icon reveals additional data about the report, such as report description (if available), time of last report execution, and values of any variables in place.



  • Server-side performance improvements: We've made changes on the server-side component responsible for cross-tabulation of large reports with lots of totals. Performance of computation and display of these types of reports should be noticeably improved.
  • How-To Videos added to the Support Portal: We've created a video forum in the support portal. Here you can see quick "how-to" videos for the most common tasks in setting up a project. 
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