Release 22 Notes: Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Main Additions in Release 22



  • "Sticky" Column Sizes: Setting a column width in tabular reports now gets saved along with the report. Width-sizes persist as new items are added into the report. The saved widths are seen both on the report creation page and the dashboards. 
  • Pivoting Performance: Performance of report re-pivoting (e.g., changing attribute placement or applying a sort) has been significantly improved. This release features client optimizations and further server-side optimization is coming soon.
  • Interactive Chart Drilling: Report authors can now create interactive charts allowing viewers to drill-down or drill-across pre-defined drill paths by simply clicking headers or values in a chart.
  • UI Cleanup: We have implemented many little UI fixes:
    1. Creating a new filter is easier with expanded right-click options. You can now right-click an attribute header and select "Filter [Attribute]" to automatically open the filter dialog with the current attribute pre-filled in.
    2. Report cells widen automatically, space allowing.
    3. We've made some design changes in regards to metric duplication to make it less confusing and avoid saving over existing metrics. Now you can explicitly save a copy of a metric before editing.
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