Release 19 Notes: Monday, November 9, 2009

Main Additions in this Release


  • Performance Updates: We have greatly increased the performance of the report creation page and the Slice and Dice dialog box. Some improvements include no hanging when switching between different folders in the "How" panel, and less delays in switching between the "What" and "How" panels. More performance updates forthcoming in upcoming releases!
  • Single Metric Totals: You can now add Totals (Sum, Average, Min, Max) for each metric column individually. We have removed applying the totals to all columns by default, and thereby removed showing sums of averages, or averages of averages, or other combinations that didn't make sense.

  • Print support: You will be able to better print your reports and dashboards. Upon printing from the browser, GoodData will automatically size the report(s) and remove extraneous page objects such as header navigation. 
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