Release 17 Notes: Monday, October 12, 2009

Things you can expect to see after the update:



  • Multiple dashboards per project will be supported
  • Dashboard creation is an explicit process requiring switching to "Edit" mode then "Save" -ing the dashboard. No more accidental changes can occur during dashboard viewing.
  • Dashboards are now integrated in the platform as a new top-level menu item. Dashboards can be published to 3rd party websites (e.g. portals, SalesForce etc.).


Metric Editing
  • Ability to change the definition of metrics that are used in multiple reports
  • Report validation tool that validates all reports where the metric is used to see if reports are broken as a result of metric editing
Conditional Formatting
  • Ability to format report numbers (e.g. color, thousands and decimal delimiters) based on the actual report cell value
  • Formatting syntax strings compatible with MS Excel
  • Ability to configure minimum and maximum values on the scale axis
Data Upload Performance
  • Data set mapping and incremental upload performance are now significantly faster
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