March 19, 2016

DKIM Authentication Available

For white-labeled customers

You can now set up the DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) email authentication method for your outgoing email.

More information:
Configure DKIM for Outgoing Email


New API: Lifecycle Management Client Workspace Provisioning

Client workspace provisioning gives you a single method to provision new workspaces for each client based on a master workspace and allows you to manage your release lifecycle via a single API call.

More information:
Life Cycle Management
Life Cycle Management API


CloudConnect: Batch and Sequential Loading Modes

We have enhanced the way CloudConnect uploads data to your projects.

In the latest versions of CloudConnect, batch mode is the default loading mode for both local Cloud Connect runs and runs on the GoodData platform.
Batch mode allows for faster data upload and is the recommended option for CloudConnect.

For backward compatibility, older CloudConnect versions and also projects belonging to older tokens have sequential mode as the default loading mode, with an option to switch to batch mode, if needed.

How does it affect you?
Upgrade your CloudConnect to the latest version, 109.0.0.

More information:
Data Loading Modes in CloudConnect


Adding Interactive Explorers: Feature Removed

The feature of adding an interactive explorer (Scatter explorer, Interactive report) to a dashboard has been removed from the GoodData platform.
The interactive explorers that already exist in projects will continue working till Dec 31, 2017.

As an alternative, use Analytical Designer.

More information:
Feature Deprecation
Create a Visualization with Analytical Designer

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