March 11, 2021

Analytical Designer: Multiple Date Attributes in Insights

To help you analyze your data in more detail, we are releasing an update that will allow you to work with multiple date attributes and dimensions in a single insight.

From now on, you are able to:

  • Add multiple date attributes to tables.
  • Set different date dimensions for date attributes in tables and heatmaps.
  • Set different date dimensions in date attributes and date filters in all insight types.


Learn more:

Pivot Tables
Time over Time Comparison
Configure Various Feature via Platform Settings


Changes to the User Interface (Free & Growth only)

The KPIs tab on the main navigation bar is now renamed to Dashboards. The functionality of the tab remains unchanged.


The change is reflected in the documentation update for GoodData Free and GoodData Growth users.


Changes to GoodData Documentation

GoodData documentation is now available in three versions corresponding to product differences across the three GoodData pricing plans. The three versions, Free, Growth, and Enterprise, are publicly available and you can easily switch between them on any page.


Important: Existing documentation links will default to the Enterprise version.

To learn how to find documentation for your GoodData pricing plan, click the corresponding link below:

The structure of GoodData documentation changed too and many pages were renamed or re-positioned. If you see a warning, review the list of alternative pages provided.



Changes to Segment Master Workspaces in Life Cycle Management  

It is not longer possible to delete a workspace when it is set as the master workspace for a segment.

Learn more:
Managing Workspaces via Life Cycle Management


Escaping Formulas when Exporting to CSV

When you export to CSV, formulas in attribute and attribute header cells are now automatically escaped using quotation marks. This does not apply to raw CSV exports. To turn this feature off, contact GoodData Support.

Learn more:


GoodData.UI Version 8.2 Available: Theme Provider and DashboardView

We have released Version 8.2 of GoodData.UI, our powerful library for building analytical applications powered by GoodData.

What's new in GoodData.UI Version 8.2

  • Theme Provider component
    The Theme Provider component lets you customize the visual style of your dashboards by applying a theme. For more information, see Theme Provider.
    NOTE: This feature is also available for Analytical Designer and KPI Dashboards. For more information, see Create Custom Themes.
  • (BETA) DashboardView component
    The DashboardView component allows you to programmatically embed a KPI Dashboard directly into your application as a React component. For more information, see DashboardView.
    WARNING! The DashboardView component is in the beta stage.


Managing Data Sources via Ruby SDK

Ruby SDK now allows you to manage (create/edit/delete) Data Sources. For more information, see Working with Data Sources.

Learn more:
Create a Data Source

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