GoodData Platform - March 23, 2023

New Features

Rename Dashboard Filters

If your attributes filters have long or technical names, you can now change their names on Dashboards in the filter configuration while editing the dashboard. The name of the filter is changed only on the particular dashboard and is not propagated to other dashboards.

Learn more:

Filter in Dashboards

GoodData.UI Version 8.12

We have released Version 8.12 of GoodData.UI, our powerful library for building analytical applications powered by GoodData.

What's new in GoodData.UI Version 8.12:

  • Dashboard plugins in Edit mode
    • The Dashboard component provides an end-to-end solution for the creation and consumption of dashboards with a full drag-and-drop editing experience. It allows plugins to be used in Edit mode.
  • Descriptions, texts and tooltips for analytical objects of Dashboard
    • Insights and dashboard widgets now allow to specify description in the form of tooltips.
  • Permissions for tabular exports
    • Export permissions have been made more granular and the EXPORT permission now includes both EXPORT_TABULAR and EXPORT_PDF.
    • Export permissions can also be set individually to allow exports to certain formats only.

Future Changes

Migrate to New CORS Origin API

In the upcoming release, we will discontinue one of the paths that are available for managing allowed origins for domains.

  • New path: /gdc/domains/{domainId}/securitySettings/allowedOrigins
  • To be discontinued: /gdc/organizations/{domainId}/securitySettings/allowedOrigins

Currently both paths are valid and working. We recommend you to verify your resources and make sure you are using the new path before the next release.

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