December 2, 2017

New Dashboard Macro: HOST_NAME

We have added a new macro that you can use on your dashboard: HOST_NAME.

The HOST_NAME macro represents the URL of the active domain and has the following format:

Learn more:
Dashboard Macro Reference


Upcoming Upgrade of Project Metadata Objects

Only for the customers who directly use the Visualization metadata objects using the programmatic API

We are planning to upgrade project metadata. The planned upgrade will be conducted in the following phases:

  1. Introducing a new type of the project metadata object called VisualizationObject
  2. Migrating all project metadata objects of the Visualization type to the newly created VisualizationObject type

What is the Visualization object type?
Project metadata objects of the Visualization type keep information about insights. Insights are created in Analytical Designer and can be then either used in Analytical Designer directly or added to KPI dashboards.

How can this affect you?

  • If you are using the GoodData SDKs, you will have to upgrade to the latest version of the SDK to adjust your code to the structural changes in the project metadata.
  • If you are using project metadata objects directly, you will have to use VisualizationObject in your code instead of Visualization. You will also have to use a new API to query for VisualizationObject instances.

Once we migrate all project metadata objects of the Visualization type to the VisualizationObject type, the Visualization type will no longer be available for use, and any code still using it will stop working.

When is the upgrade going to happen?
Currently, the upgrade date is set to January 27, 2018. If we need to postpone the upgrade, we will inform you about the new date in the future Release Notes.
We will be posting separate announcements with updates on the project metadata upgrade and possible action items.


New Look-and-Feel of Dashboard Section on GoodData Portal

We have introduced an option to switch to a new look-and-feel of the Dashboards section of the GoodData Portal.

The new look-and-feel of the Dashboards section mimics the look-and-feel of the Analytical Designer and KPI Dashboards sections and makes the user interface consistent through the whole user experience.
We have improved appearance of menus, dropdowns, buttons, and other visual elements.

How can you try out the new look-and-feel?
Set the newUIEnabled platform setting to indigo. For more information, see Platform Settings.

What has been updated?
The changes have been applied to the dashboards:

  • In view mode
  • In edit mode
  • Exported to PDF

All the existing functionality remains the same!
Switching to the new look-and-feel does not affect the functionality in any way. All the features that exist under the Dashboards section remain exactly the same.

What has not been updated?
The following sections of the GoodData Portal have not been updated and remain the same:

  • Report Editor
  • Manage section
  • User menu available under a user name on the right upper corner

Familiarize yourself with the new look-and-feel
Compare the old (on the left) and the new (on the right) look-and-feel:




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