November 4, 2017

Filter Individual Measures by Date in Analytical Designer

When creating insights in Analytical Designer, you can now set a date filter for individual measures. This enables you, for example, to compare measures at different times side by side in one insight.

Measures with date filters are available upon request. 

For more information, see Create an Insight with Analytical Designer.


API Updates

The following API update is now implemented:

The dashboardIdentifier value of drillTab only accepts values in the Identifier format. Any other values, for example, URI (/gdc/md), are invalid input data.

No changes are needed on your side.
No impact on your API configuration is expected.


Reminder: Use POST as Authentication Method in PGP SSO

If you are using GoodData PGP SSO, use POST as an authentication method.

The original GET method is going to be deprecated.

Learn more:
GoodData PGP Single Sign On


Online Help Enhanced

We have enhanced the GoodData online help. It now contains the articles that were previously located on the GoodData Developer Portal.

We also improved the structure of the articles to help you navigate through information faster and easier.

To get familiar with the new help structure, review how to use the GoodData help.

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