August 24, 2017

Data Warehouse Upgrade to Vertica 8.1 Completed

We have completed upgrading the Vertica software on our Data Warehouse. It now runs on Vertica Version 8.1. You can find detailed information about Version 8.1 in Vertica's online documentation.

We have updated our user documentation for our Data Warehouse accordingly.


User Specific Metadata Storage

New API allows you to store, read and edit user specific information (for example, app positions, bookmarked filter settings).

Learn more:



Implementation of POST in PGP SSO as a recommended method to authenticate.

Learn more:
PGP Single Sign On


New Signature and Digest Algorithm for SAML

GoodData now supports SHA256 as a signature algorithm for SAML and Support.

Learn more:
Configure Identity Provider with Salesforce


API Updates

The following API updates are implemented:

  • The REST API resource
    now serializes values of 
    always as JSON strings; previously, those two values were serialized either as JSON integers or as JSON strings based on the value of type.
  • The REST API resource /gdc/xtab2/executor3 now renders execResult/reportView/chart/styles{}/datalabels/fontsize always as string; whereas before this upcoming change, these two values were serialized either as JSON integers or as JSON strings depending on the context.

No changes are needed on your side.
No impact on your API configuration is expected.


Upcoming Changes: Naming Date Filters

We are going to change the way how the date filters are named when added to a dashboard.

What exactly is going to change?
Now, when you are adding a date filter to a dashboard, the filter is automatically named after the date dimension that it is based on.
When the planned change is made, the newly added date filter will be named after the date dataset that is it based on.

Nothing changes for existing date filters!
This change will not affect the date filters that already exist on your dashboards. It will only be applied to the date filters that you will add after the change is made.

How can you get prepared for this change?
From the GoodData Portal, go to Manage -> Data -> Data Sets, and check the names of the date datasets in your project. Keeping in mind that the dataset names will be used as names for all new date filters, decide whether you want to rename any dataset to make sense once their names are used as filter names.

NOTE: You can and will still be able to rename a date filter on your dashboard at any time.

Learn more:
Filter for Dates


Upcoming API Updates

The following API updates are planned to be implemented:

The REST API resource /gdc/md/$project_id/objects/query?category=projectDashboard&limit=$limit
will serialize values of
always as JSON strings if present; now, those two values are serialized either as JSON integers or as JSON strings based on the value of type.
Same resource as this is /gdc/md/$project_id/obj/$obj_id.
And WebApp has an advanced version of this resource in /gdc/md/$project_id/obj/$obj_id/view which is affected too.
In case of /gdc/md/$project_id/obj/$obj_id will be affected executionContext/content/filters[]/filterItemContent/{universum,default} too.

No changes are needed on your side.
No impact on your API configuration is expected.

When this change happens, we will post a separate announcement.

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