July 29, 2017

Filter Measures by Multiple Attributes in Analytical Designer

To add more granularity to your insights created in Analytical Designer, you can now filter measures by up to 20 attributes.

Learn more:
Create an Insight with Analytical Designer


Support for Times Zones in Automated Data Distribution (ADD)

You can now set up a time zone when scheduling an ETL process for Automated Data Distribution.

Learn more:
Time Zones in Automated Data Distribution
Schedule a Process on the Data Integration Console


End-of-life of /etl/pull REST API Resource

The /etl/pull REST API resource stopped working. The resource was replaced with the /etl/pull2 resource. The /etl/pull2 resource is asynchronous, allows for a faster data upload, and helps avoid time-outs.

Action needed:
If you use custom code to call the /etl/pull resource, change it to use /etl/pull2. For the instructions, see Data Upload API Resource.


JDBC Driver: End-of-Life of Version 2.7.0 through 2.7.2

On July 29, 2017, the JDBC driver version 2.7.0 through 2.7.2 stopped working.

How does it affect you?
If you are using the JDBC driver version 2.7.0 through 2.7.2, it no longer works. You receive the following error message:

You are using an unsupported version of the JDBC driver. Download and install the latest version of the driver itself or CloudConnect from https://secure.gooddata.com/downloads.html.

Action needed:
Check the version of your JDBC driver. If your version is 2.7.0 through 2.7.2, upgrade to the latest version, 2.9.0:

  • If you are using the driver directly, download and install the latest version of the driver from the Downloads page.
  • If you are using the driver via CloudConnect, upgrade your CloudConnect to the latest version: from the menu bar, click Help -> Check for Updates.

Learn more:
For more information about the end-of-life rules for the JDBC driver, see Data Warehouse Driver Version.


Upcoming API Updates

The following API updates are planned to be implemented:

  • The REST API resource /gdc/md/$project_id/objects/query?category=filterContext&limit=$limit will serialize values of objects/items[]/filterContext/content/filters[]/dateFilter/{to, from} as JSON strings.
  • Calling DELETE method upon /gdc/projects/$project_id will return status code 204 with no content. Now, it returns status code 200 with empty JSON object, ie. {}.

No changes are needed on your side.
No impact on your API configuration is expected.

When this change happens, we will post a separate announcement.

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