June 15, 2017

Multi-Language Support for Analytical Designer and KPI Dashboards

In one of the past releases, we introduced multi-language support for the selected parts of the GoodData Portal: Dashboards, Reports, Manage, and User menu.

In this release, we have added multi-language support to two other parts of the GoodData Portal: Analytical Designer and KPI dashboards.


How can you enable multi-language support for the GoodData Portal?
This feature is available by request.

By default, the language is applied only to the embedded dashboards at a user's level: using the language parameter in the user provisioning API call, you set up the language which will be used in embedded dashboards that a user can view.
For more details on the available languages and an example of the user's settings, see Multi-Language Support for Embedded Dashboards.

If you want to keep it like that, no action is needed.

If you want to change it so that the language is also applied to the above mentioned parts of the GoodData Portal, please contact GoodData Support. Our specialists will enable this feature for you.


Detaching Variable Filters from Reports

You can now detach variable filters from a report on the dashboard to prevent these filters from applying to the report.

When do you need to detach variable filters?
Every time a project administrator updates the selection of values in a variable filter, all the reports on the dashboards where the variable filter is used get re-calculated. This may impact performance on the dashboards with a large number of reports.

To avoid this, detach the variable filter from the reports that you do not want to get re-calculated.

Learn more:
Modifying Dashboard Filter Scope


Action Needed: White-list Secured Proxy IP Addresses

To improve availability, we have added secondary secured proxies to our datacenters.
If a main proxy fails, external traffic will be passed through the secondary proxy.

Action needed:
Add the secondary proxy IP addresses to your firewall:

  • (United States datacenter)
  • (European Union datacenter)
  • (Canada datacenter)

Learn more:
CloudConnect - Whitelisting


Upcoming Data Warehouse Upgrade to Vertica 8.1

We are planning to start upgrading the Vertica software on our Data Warehouse to Version 8.1.
Completing the upgrade will take a few weeks.

The upgrade will not require any changes on your side and will be performed silently, without interrupting Data Warehouse operation. No impact on performance is expected.

We will be posting separate announcements to let you know the upgrade status.


New Look-and-Feel Developer Portal

We have rolled out the new look-and-feel Developer Portal.

The new Developer Portal now lives side-by-side with the online help. Having it on one environment lets you navigate through helpful information faster and easier and allows you to search through both the Developer Portal and the online help.

What has changed?

  • The Developer Portal now has the look and functionality of the online help.
  • The URLs used for accessing the Developer Portal and its content have changed.

How will this affect you?

Important links to bookmark:

If you have any issue with the new Developer Portal, please contact GoodData Support.

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