June 3, 2017

Pie Charts in Analytical Designer and KPI Dashboards

Pie chart is now an available insight type in Analytical Designer.


To display an insight as a pie chart, click the pie chart icon:


NOTE: A pie chart can be divided into max 20 slices.

Once you have created a pie chart in Analytical Designer, you can later add it to a KPI dashboard.

Learn more:
Create an Insight with Analytical Designer
Set up a KPI Dashboard


Support for SAP HANA Database

The GoodData platform can now work with the SAP HANA database.

If you are using SAP HANA for transforming data before it is loaded to your project, you can enable support for SAP HANA in CloudConnect. For more information, see Enable Support of SAP HANA in CloudConnect.


Licensing in Data Warehouse

We have introduced licenses in Data Warehouse. The license determines what services and functions a user can and cannot use on the Data Warehouse instance that the license belongs to.

The license can be one of the following levels:

The license level is now present in a Data Warehouse instance's details when returned via API.


PROFILE and EXPLAIN Commands for Read-only Users

Read-only users of Data Warehouse can now execute EXPLAIN and PROFILE commands upon a read-only query.

EXPLAIN read-only_query
PROFILE read-only_query

Learn more:
Data Warehouse User Roles


Project and User Staging Links

Changes in GoodData architecture results in slightly different links for project and user staging:

  • Links to user staging are accessible under /gdc resource
  • Links to project staging are accessible under path /gdc/projects/{pid}.

There should be no change in links for current customers. Please note that this should have no impact on use.

Learn more:
Default and Customer Domains


Upcoming API Updates

We are going to remove the /gdc/md/project_id/dashboard API resource as it does not provide any functionality and is not used anymore.

No changes are needed on your side.
No impact on your API configuration is expected.

When this change happens, we will post a separate announcement.


Reminder: Add Mandatory User-Agent Header to API Request

Starting from March 31, 2018, the GoodData REST API will require every API request to contain the User-Agent header. Any API request without the User-Agent header made after March 31, 2018, will be rejected.

The User-Agent header must be in the following format:
product/version (your_email@example.com)

-- product is your product name; can include your company name; must not contain spaces or slashes ( / )
-- version is your product version; must not contain spaces or slashes ( / )
-- your_email@example.com is the email of the contact person responsible for the product in your company. The email is optional if you have specified your company name in product.

Insights-Provisioner/1.0 (gd_integration_person@acme.com)

Action needed:
If you use a tool for handling API calls or a custom library for integrating with the GoodData REST API, update them to include the User-Agent header in every API request.
Although the API change is planned for the next year, we strongly recommend that you do so as soon as possible.

If you have any question, please contact GoodData Support.

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