April 22, 2017

Read-Only User: New User Role in Data Warehouse

We have added a new role to the GoodData Date Warehouse: read-only user (role identifier: readOnly).
Assign a user the read-only role when the user needs to only review or test data in the Data Warehouse instance, and does not need to or should not be able to make any changes in the instance.

A read-only user can:

  • Access the Data Warehouse instance in read-only mode.
  • Read all tables or views.
  • Call the functions that do not modify the data.

A read-only user canNOT:

  • Create any object (for example, tables, views, sequences).
  • Insert, update, merge, delete or drop any objects or entities
  • Call any Vertica function that requires access higher than read-only

Learn more:
Data Warehouse User Roles


New Property of Date Dimension

CloudConnect now supports the identifierPrefix property for the date dimension in a logical data model.

identifierPrefix is a unique identifier of the date dimension. It is used in connection with the already existing property, name, and has the same value as name.

Action needed:
Install the latest updates for CloudConnect: from the menu bar, click Help -> Check for Updates.

Learn more:
Fiscal and Custom Date Dimensions


Reminder: Add Mandatory User-Agent Header to API Request

Starting from March 31, 2018, the GoodData REST API will require every API request to contain the User-Agent header. Any API request without the User-Agent header made after March 31, 2018, will be rejected.

The User-Agent header must be in the following format:
product/version (your_email@example.com)

-- product is your product name; can include your company name; must not contain spaces or slashes ( / )
-- version is your product version; must not contain spaces or slashes ( / )
-- your_email@example.com is the email of the contact person responsible for the product in your company. The email is optional if you have specified your company name in product.

Insights-Provisioner/1.0 (gd_integration_person@acme.com)

Action needed:
If you use a tool for handling API calls or a custom library for integrating with the GoodData REST API, update them to include the User-Agent header in every API request.
Although the API change is planned for the next year, we strongly recommend that you do so as soon as possible.

If you have any question, please contact GoodData Support.



We have fixed a low-risk cross-site scripting vulnerability in our PGP SSO implementation that was reported to us by Stanko Jankovic. No attacks using this vulnerability have been detected.

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