April 8, 2017

New User Roles: 'Explorer' and 'Embedded Only Explorer'

We have added two new user roles:

  • Explorer can access dashboards in a project on a view-only basis. The Explorer users can access Analytical Designer, and create and edit insights. They can also access, create, and edit KPI dashboards.
    The navigation bar is visible, but the Reports and Manage pages are not available.
  • Embedded Only Explorer has the same permissions as Explorer but this role is applicable in embedded mode only.
    The Embedded Only Explorer users cannot access GoodData Portal through direct login or through an organization's custom portal. The navigation bar is not visible.

The previously existing user roles have not changed.

Learn more:
User Roles


Spatial Functions in Data Warehouse

You can now use the selected Vertica's spatial functions in Data Warehouse (for more details about spatial functions, see the Vertica Place Guide).

For the list of the functions available now in Data Warehouse, see this article.


Upcoming End-of-life: /etl/pull REST API Resource

On April 22, 2017, the /etl/pull REST API resource will stop working. The resource was replaced with the /etl/pull2 resource. The /etl/pull2 resource is asynchronous, allows for a faster data upload, and helps avoid time-outs.

Action needed:
If you use custom code to call the /etl/pull resource, change it to use /etl/pull2. Do so before April 22, 2017. For the instructions, see Data Upload API Resource.

We will post a separate announcement when the resource end-of-life happens.

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