Wed, May 22nd 2024: Enhanced Speed and Performance with CDN Rollout

We are thrilled to announce an enhancement to the GoodData Cloud platform's performance. To ensure a smoother and faster experience, we are rolling out the use of a global Content Delivery Network (CDN). Starting May 22nd, the CDN will be deployed to optimize the delivery of static files.


Deployment Schedule:

  • DUB1 datacenter: May 22nd

  • SYD2, IAD1, and dedicated deployments: the following days


For more information about the datacenters, click here.

What will it bring?

  • Increased Performance: Faster content delivery, reducing loading times.

  • Enhanced Reliability: A more robust and accessible platform.

How will it affect you?

The deployment process will not impact the functioning of the platform whatsoever.

No action required!

There is no action required from you.


We are confident this upgrade will enhance your experience. For any questions, please contact our support team at


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