Feature Preview - Data Explorer

The Data Explorer helps business users to be more self-sufficient by enabling them to add more data to their projects as their needs grow, thus reducing their dependence on IT resources.

It works like this:

First, technical users prepare a superset of data ahead of time in the Agile Data Warehousing Service but publish only a subset of the available columns according to current business needs.

Later, business users can use the Data Explorer to select unpublished columns and publish them into their projects on an ad-hoc basis.

Problem: Delayed Time to Value

When exploring data in a BI system, business analysts are limited by the data available to them. Historically, when analysts reach this limit, they must ask IT to add more data to the BI environment.

The problem is, after delivering the initial BI system to the business, IT is typically too busy with other projects to immediately fulfill the request. With IT as a bottleneck, business users have to wait. The result? Missed business opportunities. Inadequate return on your BI investments. Delayed time to value.

Solution: Data Explorer 

Data Explorer gives business analysts the ability to independently increase the breadth of data available to them for analytics, thereby reducing their reliance upon IT for many data requests, speeding up the time to insights, and shortening the time to value.

 IT data pre-provisioning

The Agile Data Warehousing Service allows IT to pull in all available source data during the initial creation of the BI system, but promote only a specified subset of the data to the project and its users.

Business analyst self-sufficiency

From the Data Explorer, a business analyst can select data fields from available sources and publish them to their project without the help of IT. 

For the business analyst, it's this easy:

  1. On the Manage page, click Add New Fields.


  2. Add new data fields from available data sources.


A message displays when the process is complete.



  • The Data Explorer only works in conjunction with the Agile Data Warehousing Service.
  • In the first version, the Data Explorer only works with data already prepared in the Agile Data Warehousing Service.
The Data Explorer will be available beginning Saturday, March 21st. Ready to learn more? Contact GoodData Account Management.


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