[Incident] Performance Degradation on GoodData Platform

The GoodData platform is currently experience intermittent platform degradation. Users may be impacted by these performance issues:

  • Slow loading reports and dashboards
  • Intermittent platform accessibility issues
  • Product data loading (ETL) errors

We are currently investigating and will provide updates as they become available. We apologize for the inconvenience!


Holly Szkoropad

[Update: 9:41am PST]: Some customers may still be experiencing intermittent issues. Our engineers are working toward finding the root cause. Thanks for your patience!

Holly Szkoropad

[Update: 9:55am PST]: Platform performance has returned back to normal and users should no longer experience issues. We will continue to investigate the root cause. If any users continue to experience problems, please contact support. We're very sorry again for the inconvenience caused here!

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