Feature Preview - Saved Views

Our new Saved Views feature enables you to save multiple dashboard filters as a filter group called a Saved View. Saved Views allows you to quickly switch between filter combinations that you frequently use.

When this feature is enabled for your dashboard, the new Views menu on the top right of the dashboard displays the current view. Use this menu to:

  • Save the current set of dashboard filter selections as a group (Saved View)
  • Change views
  • Manage existing views


Editors and administrators can enable Saved Views under Dashboard > Gear icon > Edit > Actions menu > Settings > Saved Views



  • Views cannot be shared between dashboards.
  • Views cannot be shared between users.
  • Views change filters only on the tabs where those filters are specified. This is a known issue.



I really want to like this feature, but the things I would like to do seemingly can't be done.

Things like relative time filters, e.g. Last month, This week, or to be able to use them on e-mailed dashboards - that would save some tab real estate for me.

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