Feature - Introducing the Data Integration Console

Data Integration Console enables superior management and monitoring of data loading processes that have been deployed to your projects. This web console enhances the process management capabilities of the Data Loading Administration console and will soon replace it.

NOTE: Data Integration Console was formerly known as Data Integration Service Console (DISC).


The Data Integration Console provides a completely new web interface for managing and monitoring your data loading processes, their schedules, and notifications across all of your projects.

NOTE: You can review all processes deployed to the platform for all of your projects. To modify processes or schedules through Data Integration Console, you must be an administrator in the project.


Figure: Data Integration Console Overview dashboard

New Features:

In addition to the functions of the Data Loading Administration console, the Data Integration Console provides the following new features.

  • Monitor status of all data loading processes across all of your projects through the Data Integration Console Overview dashboard.
  • Perform bulk operations on projects and processes for mass process deployment.
  • Deploy, re-deploy, and download processes directly from the console.

Data Integration Console Overview dashboard

In the Data Integration Console Overview dashboard, you can review the current status of all of your data loading processes to quickly pinpoint problem areas. Click any status category to display the relevant processes, categorized by individual project. Expand the project entry to review the current status and the log for each process, if needed. This dashboard provides a one-stop place for project administrators to monitor data loading status and to manage by exception.

Bulk Operations

As needed, you can perform actions across multiple processes. Select one, multiple, or all processes, and then click the appropriate button. All operations are queued for execution in the platform.


Figure: Bulk operations across projects or across processes

For example, suppose a set of data loading processes fail. When you explore the log, you discover that there is a problem in the project parameters specified in the schedule. You quickly correct the parameters in the schedule and re-run with processes, all with a few button clicks.

Deploy, Re-deploy, and Download

Deploy and redeploy data loading processes in single or multiple projects. Download your processes for modification through CloudConnect Designer and redeploy them through Data Integration Console. If you need to deploy them across many projects, you can select the targets in the Data Integration Console Projects screen and redeploy the processes with a few clicks.


Feature: Redeploying processes


The Data Integration Console is now available after you login. If you are a project administrator for the currently loaded project, select Data Integration Console from the user name menu.

You may also access Data Integration Console from the following URL:


NOTE: In the above URL, the final backslash is required.

NOTE: The Data Integration Console replaces the Data Loading Administration Console. The Data Loading Administration Console will continue to be available for 3 months, after which it will be disabled.

You may also access Data Loading Administration from the following URL:


NOTE: In the above URL, the final backslash is required.


For more information on Data Integration Console, see Data Integration Console.

In the future

Stayed tuned for new features and capabilities in the Data Integration Console!


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