Feature - Introducing Interactive Reports

GoodData's new interactive reports are data discovery widgets that can be created, configured, and consumed entirely from GoodData dashboards. Interactive reports are the second type of Data Explorer to be released, and is currently in beta. New functionalities and additional Explorers are on the way!

Introducing Interactive Reports

Interactive reports are a new data discovery feature that let dashboard viewers interact with chart data. Interactive reports currently support three chart types:

  • Bar chart
  • Line chart
  • Area chart

Interactive reports can be created directly from the dashboard, and come with drilling functionality built in. Further customizations are also possible as detailed below.

NOTE: Interactive reports are not standard reports. Like other Explorers, interactive reports occupy the entire width of a dashboard tab and must be created as individual instances on each tab.

NOTE: Currently, interactive reports support inclusion of a single metric broken down by a single attribute.

Data Discovery

With interactive reports, dashboard viewers can focus on specific data points of interest by selecting them in the chart and analyzing underlying data in a table beneath. Tables can be configured to contain any number of "drilling" attributes that contextualize the selected chart values. This is akin to being able to immediately drill into multiple chart values simply by selecting them. And unlike traditional drilling that is displayed in a new window, the drilling results in an interactive report appear side-by-side with the chart. That means viewers can alter their chart selection on the fly and see the linked table update in real time.


Figure: Interactive reports link a chart and table

Hover over individual values for additional details:


Figure: Scatter Explorer data point hover-over

When using a color series, click on a legend item to accentuate data points of that type:


Figure: Interactive report legend item


Interactive reports can be inserted and configured when editing a dashboard.

  1. Begin by entering dashboard Edit Mode: from the Widget menu, select Interactive report.

    Figure: Select icon to create a new interactive report

  2. Visualization: Select how you'd like to visualize your data: as a bar chart, line chart, or area chart.
  3. Y Axis: What metric will you quantify along the Y Axis?
  4. X Axis: What attribute will you use to break down your metric?
  5. Color: Optional: Add a color series to further segment your data using another attribute from the project.
  6. Add table attribute: Add additional attributes to the table linked beneath your chart. The displayed attribute values correspond to the chart values that you select while exploring your data.

Interactive reports can be reconfigured at any time by returning to dashboard Edit Mode.

Interactive report configuration in dashboard Edit Mode


Stayed tuned for new functionalities and chart types supported in interactive reports!


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