Feature - Introducing Interactive Data Explorers

GoodData's new Interactive Data Explorers are data discovery widgets that can be created, configured, and consumed entirely from GoodData dashboards. The Scatter Explorer is the first Data Explorer to be released, and is currently in BETA. New functionalities and additional Explorers are on the way!

Introducing the Scatter Explorer

The Scatter Explorer is a new data discovery feature that lets you interact with your data while analyzing the correlations between two variables and identifying clusters of data, patterns, and outliers. 

Data Discovery

With the Scatter Explorer, you can hone in on specific data points of interest by dragging your mouse over them on the Scatter Chart and analyzing the associated data in an adjacent table beneath.

Figure: Scatter Explorers interactively link a Scatter Chart and table

You can also hover over individual values for details:

Figure: Scatter Explorer data point hover-over

And when using a color series, you can click on a legend item to select only data points of that type:

Figure: Scatter Explorer legend item


Scatter Explorers can be created and configured entirely from a dashboard.

1. Beginning in dashboard Edit Mode, from the Widget menu, select Scatter explorer.

Select icon to create a new Scatter explorer

2. DATA POINT: Choose how your data will be segmented into data points by choosing an attribute of interest. Note that gray, unavailable attributes may not be related to existing configurations, according to your projects data model, and could lead to a nonsensical result. 

3. COLOR (Series): Optionally, you can segment data in a second way by selecting an additional attribute to set up a color series.

4. SCATTER AXES: Determine which metric will be added to each Scatter Chart axis. 

5. TABLE COLUMNS: Add additional columns to your table. These can be used to display related metric or attribute values.

Explorers can be reconfigured at any time by returning to dashboard Edit Mode and using the same dropdowns used for initial Explorer configuration.

Stayed tuned for new ways to interact with your Explorer, as well as a number of additional supported chart types!


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