[Incident] Some projects are inaccessible on na1.secure.gooddata.com

We are currently experiencing some operational issues on na1.secure.gooddata.com. Some users attempting to access our services via na1.secure.gooddata.com only will receive the maintenance landing page. secure.gooddata.com is back up and running and has not been affected by the issue. Our engineers are working on resolving this and hope to have service on na1.secure.gooddata.com fully restored shortly, however, we are unable to provide a reliable ETA. Please stay tuned for more updates. We're extremely sorry for the inconvenience.


Chiara Rizzi

We apologize for the delay - the issue is still ongoing. Our engineers are working to get it solved as quickly as possible. More updates to follow. 

Chiara Rizzi

In process of unlocking  http://na1.secure.gooddata.com , should be up and running in few minutes. Thank you for your patience and we deeply apologize about this.

Chiara Rizzi

http://na1.secure.gooddata.com is unlocked. We apologize for any inconvenience it might have caused.

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