Upload Sub-system performance issues

We are currently experiencing some operational troubles on the platform. Current services affected:

  • Data loads will be delayed

These performance issues will be fixed as part of Release 92, which takes place this evening. Many apologies for the inconvenience.

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    Sean O'Hara

    That would explain why we haven't seen an update change for "Upload time" in manage>data sets... Because currently they read "n/a" instead of "today"


    Can you confirm?

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    Bryan Castro

    Hi Sean,

    It seems to be related but unfortunately, I can't confirm without more information. Can you please send us an email at support@gooddata.com with your project name, so we can investigate this further?

    We're very sorry about this.

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    Sean O'Hara

    Great, thanks Bryan!

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    The new release has arrived and with it we have fixed the slow data loads issue. Many apologies again for the inconveniences caused.

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