Upload Sub-system performance issues

We are currently experiencing some operational troubles on the platform. Current services affected:

  • Data loads will be delayed

These performance issues will be fixed as part of Release 92, which takes place this evening. Many apologies for the inconvenience.


Sean O'Hara

That would explain why we haven't seen an update change for "Upload time" in manage>data sets... Because currently they read "n/a" instead of "today"


Can you confirm?

Bryan Castro

Hi Sean,

It seems to be related but unfortunately, I can't confirm without more information. Can you please send us an email at support@gooddata.com with your project name, so we can investigate this further?

We're very sorry about this.

Sean O'Hara

Great, thanks Bryan!


The new release has arrived and with it we have fixed the slow data loads issue. Many apologies again for the inconveniences caused.

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