Upcoming features - R78 and beyond

Upcoming: Release 78 (9/1 subject to change)

PDF support for embedded iFrames

PDF export of dashboards will support also embedded iFrames - i.e. images and other rich content.

Editing in Embedded mode

It will be possible to edit the dashboards and build new reports in the embedded mode.


Future Releases 

Waterfall Chart

We are adding a great new chart - Waterfall chart - perfect for example for sales pipeline analysis!

Cascading Filters

It will be possible to link filters into cascades so that they filter each other hierarchically.

Performance improvements

Performance of report executions and overall web client performance will be improved.

Database Backend Enhancements

We are switching some core database technologies in our backend. We expect significant improvements of the report computation and data loading performance.

New Data Transformation and Loading Framework

We are working on a new framework that enables visual development of the data extraction, transformation and loading workflows.

Several UI improvements

Smaller headline reports, transparent background, ability to turn off the report titles, redesign of the report title icons.

Truncate function

It will be possible to truncate metrics.

"All" in Date Filters

It will be possible to filter for all time in the date filters.

Linking of axes in combo charts

We are enabling linking axes in combo charts (e.g. line + bar chart) so that the scales are the same.



CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY: The statements set forth in this presentation about the product roadmap of GoodData Corporation reflect GoodData's current expectations for its product and services offerings as of the date of the presentation. It is presented for information purposes only and GoodData is not obligated to provide any of these deliverables. GoodData's product roadmap is subject to change without notice. GoodData disclaims any obligation to update this presentation after the date of this presentation.


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