Thu, Oct 5th, 2023 Unexpected GoodData Cloud Issue on IAD1 Datacenter, us-east-1

We are facing degradation of performance in GoodData Cloud. Specifically, in the IAD1 Datacenter, us-east-1 region.

Our engineers are working on identifying the underlying issue and increasing the responsiveness of the environment until the problem is fully resolved.


We will continue to keep you posted with updates as details are revealed. 


How are you affected?

The environment in the IAD1 Datacenter, us-east-1 region is suffering from intermittent timeouts due to an issue with related database.


No action required!

There is no action required from you right now.

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We greatly appreciate your patience in this matter, and if you should have any direct questions regarding this, please reach out to GoodData Support.


Julius Kos

🟡 We have identified an issue with UserGroups, which was part of today's release. Our engineers are actively fixing the issue, and we intend to revert one of today's related release changes.
There is no ETA yet. We will provide further updates regularly.

Julius Kos

🟢 We are happy to announce that the issue has been fixed, and GoodData Cloud is fully operational again. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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