Thu, October 20th, 2022: Unexpected Platform Issue

We are currently experiencing an issue on one of our metadata databases, which belongs to our US1 datacenter (Chicago), that is affecting small percentage of workspaces from being accessed.

The issue is caused by underlying database and our engineers are already trying to resolve it as soon as possible.

We will post an update as soon as we know more. We’re very sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Iva Gasparekova

BAD Our engineers have found the root cause of the issue and informed us, the full resolution should be applied within next 2 hours. We greatly appreciate all your patience during this process.

Iva Gasparekova

GOOD We are happy to announce, the incident is resolved and most of the workspaces are back online. There is a small percentage of projects that are still recovering, but they should be fully back online within 1 hour.

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