GoodData.CN 2.0.1

Released July 20th, 2022.

New Features

This is a patch release. There are no new features since release 2.0.0.

Fixes and Updates

  • We fixed the problem where the demo data were failing in the Brave browser and in Chrome with AdBlock extensions enabled.
  • You can now add localhost addresses as allowed origins in the Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS).
  • We fixed the bug where visualizations with additional filters in date filters could not be opened.
  • We fixed the problem with URL validation in the direct login via URL.
  • We fixed the bug where result-cache or sql-executor run out of memory.
  • We removed the necessity of the manual FLUSH of redis after the upgrade.
  • We changed the logging level of the SQL executor so that it logs only relevant information.

Get the Community Edition

Pull the GoodData.CN Community Edition to get started with the latest release:

docker pull gooddata/gooddata-cn-ce:2.0.1
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