GoodData.CN 1.7.0

Released March 24th, 2022.

New Features

  • You can now use GoodData.CN Community Edition even for production use cases. Read our new GOODDATA.CN COMMUNITY EDITION LICENSE AGREEMENT for details.
  • We are enabling additional type of drill in Dashboards. You can now drill to URL.
  • You can now connect applications from multiple hostnames to a single organization by setting multiple CORS origins for your organization. Learn how.
  • We updated the product Homepage so that you can now list and search through all workspaces in your organization.
  • Metric editor now supports multiple tabs, allowing you to open and edit multiple metrics at the same time.

Fixes and Updates

  • We have improved performance and memory management of attribute filters (collectLabelElements API). This should prevent out of memory exception in cases where an attribute with large number of values is used in the filter.
  • Queries that run longer than 3 minutes should no longer overload data sources. This applies to all data source managers and all supported data sources except for Google BigQuery.
  • We are now caching authentication status in order to cut down on communication with external OIDC providers.

API changes

  • We have updated performance and memory management for the collectLabelElements API.

Beta Features

Beta features are available for users to test and provide feedback. Please note that the implementation of these features is not finalized, and the behavior or interface of these features is subject to change.

  • We are preparing a permissions framework for GoodData.CN. In this release we are releasing it as a beta feature. Learn which permissions/roles can be used and how to configure them.

    Please note that if you are updating to GoodData.CN 1.7, and importing your organization from an older version, you need to follow this upgrade guide first. You then have to go through your organization’s user groups and ensure users have the appropriate permissions to be able to use GoodData.CN 1.7 as expected. Or if you want to keep the same user experience (everybody can access everything) then move all users into the bootstrap user group (named adminGroup by default) before you migrate to version 1.7. Permission to manage the whole organisation will be added during the update process.

  • We are working on an integration with Data Source Managers such as Dremio, Apache Drill, or Presto. Thanks to the Data Source Managers, you can work with data lakes, federate multiple Data Sources in one workspace, or query non-SQL data such as REST APIs or files. Read more about the current implementation.

Deprecation Announcement

  • We deprecated GET method for the API endpoint /collectLabelElements in GoodData.CN 1.7.0. The endpoint allows only the POST method from now on. If you are using GoodData.UI, you have to migrate to version 8.7.0. which supports the POST method for this endpoint.

Get the Community Edition

Pull the GoodData.CN Community Edition to get started with the latest release:

docker pull gooddata/gooddata-cn-ce:1.7.0

Upgrade Guides

Upgrade Declarative JSONs Saved In Previous Versions

As an administrator, you may want to import an organization dump from the version 1.6 deployment into the version 1.7 deployment. Before you can do so, you need to add the MANAGE permission to the adminGroup (as defined here), otherwise the import will fail.


  1. If you have not done so already, create a JSON dump from your GoodData.CN 1.6 organization layout. See Back Up the Organization.

  2. If you are unsure what the name of your adminGroup user group is in your GoodData.CN 1.7 deployment, use the following command to find it:

        curl -L -H "Authorization: Bearer $GDC_API_TOKEN" \
        $ENDPOINT/api/entities/organization?include=bootstrapUserGroup \
        | jq -r '' )
  3. Create an updated layout JSON file from the old GoodData.CN 1.6 layout dump with the basic permissions setup:

        jq --arg bootstrap_group $ADMIN_GROUP_NAME \
        '.organization += {"permissions": [{"assignee": {"id": $bootstrap_group, type: "userGroup"}, "name": "MANAGE"}]}' \
        <layout_file_name>.json > updated_layout.json
  4. Import the updated_layout.json file into your GoodData.CN 1.7 deployment:

    curl --data @updated_layout.json \
        -H "Authorization: Bearer $GDC_API_TOKEN" \
        -H "Content-type: application/json" \
        -X PUT $ENDPOINT/api/layout/organization

GoodData.CN Community Edition

Suppose you are using a docker volume to store metadata from your GoodData.CN CE container. Download a new version of the GoodData.CN CE docker image and start it with your volume. All your metadata is migrated automatically.

Please note that the automatic migration only assigns the MANAGE organization permission to users in the adminGroup user group. Other users and user groups need to have their permissions set up manually. See Manage Permissions.

If you are not using a docker volume to store metadata from your GoodData.CN CE container, follow the version specific and general upgrade guides.

GoodData.CN Production K8S Edition

To upgrade Helm chart, follow the general upgrade guide.

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