GoodData.CN 1.4.0

New Features

The following features are introduced to GoodData.CN in release 1.4.0:

  • The user interface for creating metrics is now available. Read the documentation to see how you can create MAQL metrics in the Metric Editor. Learn more.
  • We have introduced platform limits to protect the platform from out of memory exceptions. You can adjust the platform limit according to your needs and hardware limitations. Learn more about the platform limits.
  • Declarative APIs for Organizations, Data Sources, Users and User groups are now out of beta and are ready for use in production. Read more about the APIs:
  • We improved the security of our platform:
    • We now limit which JDBC parameters which can be used in the connection string. The allowed parameters are listed in the documentation for each Data Source.
    • It is now impossible to use one database schema for metadata storage and as a Data Source at the same time.
    • It is now possible to connect to an external Redis cache using an encrypted connection (service.redis.useSSL=true).


  • We fixed a situation where dashboard attribute filters did not respect the workspace data filter (WDF) settings. The filter context in child workspaces contained all values regardless of the WDF settings. This happened in cases where the WDF was part of the logical model and used in the filter.
  • We improved the resiliency of the GoodData.CN Production K8S Edition organization controller.
  • We made several architectural changes (new format used for result caching, optimization of several API calls) in order to improve the stability and performance of the platform.

API Changes

  • The minimum supported version of Kubernetes is now v1.19.

Known Limitations

  • GoodData.CN may run an SQL query using a wrong data source from the connection pool under the following circumstances:

    • GoodData.CN deployment runs multiple organizations and
    • Data Sources in different organizations use the same identifier.

    To prevent this situation, use unique identifiers for data sources, even if they are in different organizations.

  • When you are using dashboards filters with a lot of values (or long values) in the filter, the dashboard may freeze while loading. Similar behavior may occur in the Metric Editor if you list a lot of attribute values in the WHERE clause.
  • Logout does not work with Auth0 IdP or Google IdP.
  • Incompatibility with Amazon Cognito.
  • It is not possible to use &excludeObjectsWithTags in embedded dashboards.

Beta Features

Beta features are available for users to test and provide feedback. They do not have their implementation finalized. The behavior or interface for these features may change in the future.

  • We are working on integration with Data Source Managers such as Dremio, Apache Drill, or Presto. Thanks to the Data Source Managers, you can work with data lakes, federate multiple Data Sources in one workspace, or query non-SQL data such as REST APIs or files. Read more about the current implementation.

Upgrade Guides

GoodData.CN Community Edition

If you are using a docker volume to store metadata from your GoodData.CN Community Edition (CE) container, download a new version of the GoodData.CN CE docker image and start it with your volume. All your metadata will be migrated.

If you are not using a docker volume to store metadata from your GoodData.CN CE container, follow the version specific and general upgrade guides.

GoodData.CN Production K8S Edition

Before upgrading Helm chart, make sure your Kubernetes cluster satisfies the new minimum required version v1.19. If you used annotations "nginx" in Ingress resources, remove them from your customized values.yaml file. The new Helm chart version uses Ingress objects with the new apiVersion and these annotations would conflict with ingressClassName set by the Helm chart of GoodData.CN Production K8S Edition.

To upgrade Helm chart, follow the general upgrade guide.

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