GoodData.CN 3.13.0

Released on July 11, 2024

New Features

Snowflake Data Sources Support Key-Pair Authentication

We now support key-pair authentication for Snowflake data sources. This secure method allows you to connect using private and public key pairs, enhancing your data protection.

Learn More:
Create a Snowflake Data Source

New Dashboard Filter Settings

We’ve added new options to give you more control over dashboard filters. You can now disable the "Reset All Filters" button to ensure users follow a guided data experience. Additionally, you can prevent filter changes from being saved in the user’s browser, so each visit shows the default filter settings.

Learn More:
Disable Resetting Filters

Support for MotherDuck Data Source

You can now connect directly to a MotherDuck database and create a MotherDuck data source within GoodData. This new feature expands your data connectivity options, allowing you to integrate MotherDuck seamlessly into your workflows.

Learn More:
Create MotherDuck Data Source

Support for Uploading CSVs Out of Beta

We are excited to announce that uploading CSV files as a data source is now fully supported and out of beta! You can now assemble a data source using an unlimited number of CSV files, with each file up to 200MB and a combined limit of 1GB. You can also disable this feature using the API.

Learn More:
Upload CSV Files

Developer Tools

GoodData.UI 10.5.0

The newest version of GoodData.UI contains the following changes:

  • You can now specify the returnTo parameter with the backend deauthenticate function for a more seamless user experience.
  • The export function now supports PDF options, offering greater flexibility in how you share your data.
  • The visualizationObject will now be used instead of executionResult for export operations whenever possible, improving the efficiency of your exports.

For a detailed overview of what's new in version 10.5.0, see CHANGELOG on Github.

Upgrade GoodData.CN to 3.13

To upgrade the Helm chart, follow the general upgrade guide.

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