GoodData.CN 3.11.0

New Features

Highlight Data Clusters

You can now perform cluster analysis when creating a scatter plot. Simply enable the cluster analysis function and specify the number of cluster groups you want to highlight. The algorithm will automatically detect and color-code the different data clusters. This allows for easier identification of patterns and relationships within your data, making it simpler to interpret complex datasets and draw meaningful insights.

Learn More:
Use Smart Functions

Added Support for Markdown in Tooltips

Visualization and metric descriptions now support Markdown syntax, allowing you to format text and add hyperlinks and images. This feature enables you to include detailed explanations, external resources, and visual aids directly within your tooltips, enhancing the user's ability to understand and interact with the data.

Visualization of Workspace Hierarchies

We have added a new feature to the Workspace section! Now, you can see visual representations of parent-child relationships between workspaces. Plus, you can create child workspaces directly in the UI. This makes it easy for organization administrators to review and verify their workspace structure without using the API.

Learn More:
Build a Workspace Hierarchy

Developer Tools

GoodData.UI 10.3.0

The newest version of GoodData.UI contains the following changes:

  • The ShortenedText component now allows for different positions of ellipses, providing more control over text truncation.
  • Introduced webhooks management to improve alerting and scheduling capabilities, enabling better automation and integration with external systems.
  • Added the option to create a workspace as a child, allowing for more flexible and hierarchical workspace organization.

For a detailed overview of what's new in version 10.3.0, see CHANGELOG on Github.

Upgrade GoodData.CN to 3.11

To upgrade the Helm chart, follow the general upgrade guide.

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