GoodData.CN 3.9.0

Released on May 16, 2024

New Features

Adding Support for SingleStore Data Source

GoodData Cloud now supports SingleStore (formerly known as MemSQL) as a data source. This distributed, relational SQL database management system is recognized for its fast data ingestion, transaction processing, and query performance, with full ANSI SQL support.

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Create a SingleStore Data Source

New Language Support

We have expanded the language options for our user interface to include Latin American Spanish, British English, and Canadian French. These languages are now fully supported in the Analytics Designer, Dashboards, and Metric Editor.

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Change Display Language

Visualizations Now Support Large Number of Data Points

Previously, certain visualizations with more than 3,000 data points, or even as few as 20 data points, showed a "Too many data points" message, requiring redesign. We have increased this limit to 10,000 data points, allowing for much larger visualizations. Additionally, we have updated the legend display for these larger visualizations.

Please note that well-designed visualizations should still avoid displaying an excessive number of data points.

Repeater Visualization Is Out of Beta

We are confident that the recently added repeater visualization is now production-ready!

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Developer Tools

GoodData.UI 10.1.0

In this release we have added support for export definitions.

For a detailed overview of what's new in version 10.1.0, see CHANGELOG on Github.

Upgrade GoodData.CN to 3.9

To upgrade the Helm chart, follow the general upgrade guide.

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