GoodData.CN 3.8.0

Released on April 18, 2024

New Features

Introducing the Repeater Visualization (Beta)

The repeater visualization allows for the creation of customizable tables in GoodData, offering flexibility in data presentation. Users can generate rows by specifying an attribute and define columns with metrics, facts, or other attributes. Each cell supports not only numerical data but also bar charts, line charts, and rich text—including images and hyperlinks. This tool enhances the ability to visualize complex datasets effectively and accessibly.

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Enhanced Dashboard Filters

In our ongoing effort to refine user interactions with dashboards, we are enhancing the available values filter feature. This update enables users to apply date filters directly within a filter for a metric or fact, effectively narrowing the list of values to specific date ranges. Using this feature, analytics engineers can improve customer overview dashboards, allowing users, for example, to filter customers who created an account and placed an order within the same period defined by the dashboard's date filters. Simply open the filter configuration, select to limit filter values by existing dashboard filters, and choose a date dimension like "Customer create date" or "Order date." The filter will then display only the relevant customers.

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Filter Values By

Adding Support for GoodData ADS Data Sources (Beta)

Users who are currently using, or have previously used GoodData Platform may be pleased to hear that we have now introduced support for connecting to the GoodData Agile Data Warehouse Service (GoodData ADS) in GoodData Cloud. You can now create a GoodData ADS data source and test your data on this more modern platform. Please note that, at the moment, this is a beta feature, and we advise against using beta features in production environments.

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Create a GoodData ADS Data Source

Updates to the Oracle Database Data Source (Beta)

Oracle data sources can now be created and managed via the web UI. We have also addressed several limitations, including the previously encountered issue of not being able to create SQL datasets with an Oracle Database data source. Please note that this feature is still in beta, and we advise against using beta features in production environments.

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Create an Oracle Database Data Source

Developer Tools

GoodData.UI 10.0.0

This new version comes with a significant change to the GoodData.UI SDK versioning strategy, here’s what you need to know:

  • Starting with GoodData.UI SDK version 10, we will exclusively support GoodData Cloud and GoodData.CN. This allows us to introduce new features faster and reduce risks to GoodData Platform stability. GoodData Cloud and GoodData.CN customers should update to SDK version 10 as soon as possible, as SDK version 9 will cease to be compatible with GoodData Cloud versions in future updates.

  • GoodData.UI SDK version 9 will continue to receive support for the GoodData Platform, including security updates, bug fixes, and potentially new features. GoodData Platform users must continue using SDK version 9 for building new plugins or custom pages, as SDK version 10 will not be compatible.

Plugins should continue to work as before if you use the correct SDK version for your product type. For a detailed overview of what's new in version 10, see CHANGELOG on Github.

Upgrade GoodData.CN to 3.8

To upgrade the Helm chart, follow the general upgrade guide.

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