GoodData.CN 3.4.1

New Features

Introducing Rich Text Widgets

We're excited to introduce the new Rich Text feature for GoodData Cloud dashboards! Now, you can enhance your dashboards with Markdown content, including text, lists, code blocks, hyperlinks, and images. This versatile tool allows for more interactive and detailed data narratives, providing a richer, more engaging user experience. Elevate your dashboards with decorative elements and detailed annotations to make your data presentations stand out.

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Add Rich Text to Dashboards

Filter Optimization for Relevant Values

We have refined filter functionality to allow for the selection of only relevant values in attribute filter drop-downs. Now, filters automatically narrow down options based on applicable metrics or settings of other filters, ensuring only relevant attribute values are displayed. This allows users to limit selections to meaningful data subsets, enhancing analysis precision. An example use case is enabling Analytics engineers to configure visualizations to allow end-users to select from active customers only, enhancing the specificity and relevance of the data displayed.

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Filter Values

Apply Multiple Date Filters to Visualizations

We have expanded the use of multiple date filters from dashboards to individual visualizations. Now, you can refine visualizations with multiple date filters for more dynamic, time-based analysis, allowing for precise data display.

For example, it is possible to configure the visualization to only show data for leads generated within a certain period, like the past year, and then further refine it to display only those closed within a different timeframe, such as the last quarter.

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Multiple Date Filters

Adding Support for MySQL Data Sources (Early Access Beta Feature)

We are in the process of integrating MySQL into our suite of supported data sources. Renowned for its reliability and ease of use, MySQL is a comprehensive, open-source database management system perfect for a wide range of applications, from web databases to large-scale data warehousing.

Currently, this feature is in its early access beta stage, meaning it's still under development and you need to reach out to our support to request early access to this feature.

We are always working to meet the needs of our users and we will continue to expand our data source options!

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Create a MySQL Data Source

Other Changes

Fixes and Documentation for Embedded Dashboard PostMessages

Recent updates have been made to address bugs in the postMessage functionality for embedded dashboards. These fixes aim to improve the reliability and performance of message passing in embedded contexts.

Additionally, the documentation has been updated to include a detailed list of all supported postMessage commands for embedded dashboards, providing a clearer understanding of how to effectively make use of this feature.

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Communicate with Embedded Dashboards Using PostMessages

Upgrade GoodData.CN to 3.4

To upgrade Helm chart, follow the general upgrade guide.

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