GoodData.CN 3.3.1

New Features

Introducing Cross-filtering: Click on Visualizations to Apply Dashboard Filters

Cross-filtering is now available on all our dashboards. This feature allows users to click on any data point within a visualization, like a pie chart slice or a bar graph segment, to instantly apply a filter to the entire dashboard using that specific value. This enhancement makes our dashboards more intuitive and user-friendly, promoting an engaging and efficient data exploration experience. Cross-filtering removes the need for page refreshes or custom drill path setups, thereby streamlining your data analysis workflow.

Additionally, for tailored dashboard experiences, cross-filtering can be disabled on individual dashboards.

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Save and Reuse Filter Configurations in Dashboards

With this feature, your current dashboard view with all your applied filters is now saved in your browser’s local storage. When you return to the dashboard, it will display exactly as you left it, with all your custom filters intact. You can always reset your filters to the default values with a new reset filters button.

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Reset Filters

Apply Multiple Date Filters to Dashboards

We are introducing the ability to use multiple date filters on a single dashboard. By implementing various date filters, dashboard creators can expand the options of interactive cohort analysis or other time-based analyses. For instance, users can filter by both a start and an end date, such as employee start and termination dates or project start and end dates. However, just as attribute filters cannot use the same attribute twice, dashboard date filters must also use distinct date dimensions.

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Use Date Filters

New API Endpoint for Workspace Permission Settings on User Level

We have introduced a new API endpoint /api/v1/actions/workspaces/<workspace_id>/managePermissions that lets you perform CRUD operations on permissions for individual workspaces.

Previously, updating workspace permissions via API was limited to the layout API endpoint, requiring a bulk update of roles for all users within a workspace whenever a single user's role needed alteration. Now you can easily manage permissions for each user or user group without potentially overriding the settings for others.

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Manage Workspace Permissions

Developer Tools

GoodData.UI 9.6.0

The newest version of GoodData.UI comes with the following changes:

  • Added support for multiple date filters in dashboards.
  • Added support for cross-filtering in dashboards.

Breaking Changes and Deprecations

Removed Obsolete API Endpoints

We previously announced the deprecation of the physical data model and its associated API endpoints. Upon further review, we discovered that two of these endpoints were inadvertently left available:

  • /api/v1/entities/dataSources/<data_source_id>/dataSourceTables
  • /api/v1/entities/dataSources/<data_source_id>/

These endpoints, now obsolete, were still accessible but served no practical purpose. We have completely removed these endpoints to align with our earlier deprecation announcement. Please ensure that you update any of your scripts or processes that may still be calling these endpoints.

Security Concerns about Workspace Hierarchy and Workspace Data Filters

We have identified that some customers might be using their Workspace Hierarchy with Workspace Data Filters (WDF) incorrectly. To address this, we have updated our documentation to highlight a crucial aspect regarding the workspace.MANAGE permission.

Users with the workspace.MANAGE permission can modify the Logical Data Model (LDM). This ability allows them to bypass WDF restrictions, leading to potential data leaks, unauthorized data access, and compliance issues.

Potential Security Risks:
The workspace.MANAGE permission allows users to modify the Logical Data Model (LDM). By altering the LDM, users can effectively circumvent WDF restrictions and access data that should be restricted. This poses a potential risk of data leaks, unauthorized data breaches, and compliance violations.

Impact on Child Workspace Users:
Users with the workspace.MANAGE permission in child workspaces are particularly vulnerable to this security risk. These users are essentially granted the same level of access as users with the workspace.MANAGE permission in parent workspaces, enabling them to bypass WDF restrictions and access sensitive data.

This information can also be found in our Help guide here: Permissions and WDF Security

Recommended Actions:

  1. Limit the workspace.MANAGE Permissions: Ensure only authorized administrators have this permission to safeguard data security.
  2. Revoke the workspace.MANAGE Permission from Users of Child Workspaces: This will prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data and mitigate the risk of data leaks.

Upcoming Changes

This information is important to review if you are embedding your GoodData content using iframes, and don’t use whitelabeling to change the default GoodData domain.

As you may know, Google Chrome is set to make a significant change in 2024 by deprecating third-party cookies. This move, aimed at enhancing online privacy, impacts how third-party content, like GoodData, is embedded and interacted with in applications.

To align with these changes, we're adopting partitioned cookies, a method recommended by Google. This change is on our end and doesn't require any action from you. However, it's important to note that this might change how you interact with GoodData content embedded using iframes. For example, if GoodData content is embedded on your web page multiple times, using multiple separate iframes, each iframe will be treated as a separate context, and users will be required to log in to each iframe separately.

To avoid this issue, we recommend you employ one of the following strategies, if you haven’t done so already:

  • Whitelabel your GoodData domain name to match that of the parent application, so that your GoodData iframes no longer rely on third-party cookies.
  • Use alternative embedding methods, such as embedding using React SDK.

We're rolling out this update by the end of January and will keep it optional initially. You'll have the flexibility to enable this feature and test its impact at your convenience. While the straightforward iframe embedding method will still be available, especially for evaluation purposes, its use for production environments will be limited, once Google Chrome makes the change.

Deprecation of the Redis Cache

We are moving forward with FlexQuery, our new caching layer. Therefore we encourage you to switch from the Redis cache used in older version of Gooddata.CN (prior 3.0.0) as the default caching layer if you are not using FlexQuery yet. Our goal is to remove support for Redis cache by end of January 2024.

Upgrade GoodData.CN to 3.3

To upgrade Helm chart, follow the general upgrade guide.

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