GoodData.CN 3.1.0

Released December 14th, 2023.

New Features

Improved Headline

We have substantially expanded the functionality of headlines. You can now compare numbers, define how the comparison should be calculated, or customize the formatting and visual aspect of the headline.

Updating this feature updates your existing visualizations which use headlines. However, the new version is predefined to replace the previous one identically and without introducing any breaking changes in your visualizations and dashboards. 

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Show Hidden Analytical Objects in Analytical Designer

Our Analytical Designer now has a feature for advanced users to access and use hidden analytical objects such as attributes, facts, and metrics in their visualizations. Typically, when items are added from the Data Catalog to a visualization, the list of available items narrows to avoid creating faulty visualizations. The new 'showHiddenCatalogItems' API setting allows users to override this default behavior and include items that were previously hidden. We recommend this feature for advanced users who understand the associated risks and complexities.

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Review and Organize the Data Catalog

Support for Greenplum and Databricks Data Sources

We are pleased to announce that GoodData Cloud Native has expanded its data source compatibility to include Greenplum and Databricks. Users can now directly create and connect to data sources from Greenplum and Databricks, enhancing the platform's data integration and analytics capabilities.

Learn More:

Create a Greenplum Data Source

Create a Databricks Data Source

Support for ClickHouse Databases (Beta)

We are excited to announce that we are in the process of integrating ClickHouse into our suite of supported data sources. Recognized for its exceptional speed in generating analytical reports, ClickHouse is a powerful, open-source database management system ideal for handling large-scale data processing.

Currently, this feature is in its opt-in beta stage, meaning it's still under development, and it needs to be manually enabled in your Kubernetes deployment. Refer to our documentation for instructions.

We are always working to meet the needs of our users and we will continue to expand our data source options!

Learn More:

Create a ClickHouse Data Source

Introducing Composite Keys

We're excited to announce a powerful new feature: composite keys. This enhancement allows you to combine two or more attributes (source columns) into a unique identifier for each record, greatly enhancing data integrity and relationship mapping.

With composite keys, you can select multiple attributes from your linked dataset as a primary key. GoodData then automatically generates a composite key by concatenating the values from these columns. This results in a more distinctive identifier, facilitating the connection of datasets that might not share unique ID values otherwise.

Enhanced Bucket Size for Pivot Tables

In response to high demand from our customers, we've adjusted bucket limits:

  • Column Attributes: Remains 20

  • Row Attributes: Increased to 50 (previously 20)

  • Metrics: Increased to 100 (previously 20)

Certain conditions apply, see Pivot Table documentation for details.

Breaking Changes and Deprecations

Breaking Change in REST API

We have implemented a breaking change in the REST API endpoint /API/v1/actions/workspaces/{workspaceId}/execution/afm/computeValidObjects. Please note that any request utilizing UNRECOGNIZED in the key type will now be rejected. This change is effective from the 2nd of November 2023 onwards.

The value UNRECOGNIZED held no significance within this API. If you are currently using it, simply remove it from your requests. This removal will not impact the functionality of the endpoint in any way.

Final Deprecation of the Physical Data Model (PDM)

In our continuous effort to streamline and modernize the GoodData Cloud platform, we are announcing the final deprecation of the Physical Data Model (PDM) as of this release.

Upcoming Redis Cache Deprecation

We are moving forward with FlexQuery, our new caching layer. Therefore we encourage you to switch from the Redis cache used in older version of Gooddata.CN (prior 3.0.0) as the default caching layer, if you are not using FlexQuery yet. Our goal is to remove support for Redis cache by end of January 2024.

Developer Tools

GoodData.UI 9.3.0

This update includes the following improvements:

  • The headline can now display two measures, enabling comparison customization via the config.

  • We are also introducing client call caching.

GoodData.UI 9.4.0

The newest version of GoodData.UI comes with the following changes:

  • Users can configure the dashboard filter to be interactive, locked, or hidden.

  • Method isDomainAdmin has been removed from GoodData Platform Legacy Functions.

Python SDK 1.8

  • Adds the support for dashboard permissions 'share with everyone',  user group names, organization settings and csp directives.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue that would throw 400 error code when a user tries to edit a BigQuery data source.

Upgrade GoodData.CN to 3.1

To upgrade Helm chart, follow the general upgrade guide.

Please note that if you plan to try out the ClickHouse beta feature, you may want to review the instructions on how to enable it first, so that you can include the clickhouse-ff.yaml file in your upgrade to 3.1.

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